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Frozen Cocktail Menu


Standard Halos Frozen Cocktail Pours

Using any of the Halos Frozen Cocktail flavour simply pour in to shot glasses or 7oz / 10oz measures.


Sweet Sixteen

Pour one shot glass size of Archers in to 4 shot glasses equally,

then simply top with any of the Halos Frozen Cocktail flavours.


Larva Lamp

Pour Lemonade in to a glass filing to about a ¼ full and top with ice so that the ice is floating covering the Lemonade the fill to top of the glass with any Halos Frozen Cocktail flavour.

This would be best served in a half pint, large wine or cocktail glass.



Pour one of the Halos Frozen Cocktail flavours in to a glass, filing to ¾ full,

then with the glass at an angle top the remaining ¼ of the glass with Procecco,

gradually straightening the glass upright.

It would be best to serve the Bellini’s in either cocktail, wine or half pint glasses.