More than 14.3 million cocktails sold by Halos customers Est. 24 years!

Have You Got Your FREE Cocktail Machine?

  • 70% - 85% GP easily achievable
  • Wide range of delicious & popular cocktails available – ready mixed 4% Avb
  • Endless possibilities with our neutral base mix – sell mouthwatering mocktails
  • Visually stunning
  • Single or Double bowl machines available – sell cocktails & mocktails

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Easy to use & hassle-free - simply plug-in, fill the bowl, serve…and wow your customers!

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Why Get a Halos Free Cocktail Machine?

Now, you can serve your customers delicious cocktails or mocktails like a pro – your free Halo’s machine does it all for you.

With its visually stunning design, your Halo’s frozen cocktail machine will instantly attract your customer’s attention and set their taste buds tingling…

And on each order, easily make you between 70% and 85% GP.

Strawberry Daiquiri
Miami Vice
Rum Runner

FREE Double or Single Bowl?
You Choose.

The secret is in the mix

6 Delicious, Ready-Made Frozen Cocktails That Will Woo Your Customers
We have a variety of the most popular cocktail mixes all hand-made from the finest ingredients.

Pre-mixed and ready to go in your machine
4% AVP – no need to add alcohol
Six bestselling and tantalizing flavours available!

Let Your Imagination Soar with Halos Neutral, Citrus Base Mocktail Mix

With Halo’s citrus based mocktail mix, you have endless possibilities to woo your customers.

  • Enjoy a staggering 85% GP on mocktails
  • Give more choices to the 23% of footfall who no longer drink alcohol
  • Easily make hundreds of high profit making mocktails without any hassle

Get your free Halo’s double-bowl machine and serve delicious cocktails and mouthwatering mocktails – easily and effortlessly!

Delighting Customers for 25 Years in More Than 557 Go-to Bars Across the UK

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What Our Customers Say

Compliments My Bar
“My Halo’s machine sits proudly on my bar wooing my customers with how good it looks”

Cocktails are Trending
“I’ve witnessed a growing trend in cocktail consumption. The strawberry dachairi has been my bestseller for the past 7 years”

Easy to Use & Customers Love ‘em
“The Halo’s machine couldn’t be easier to use and the cocktails come out tasting bloody brilliant, my customers love ‘em”

Order Your FREE, Halo’s Cocktail Machine Today

Here’s What You Get
(Hurry! Offer Ends December 31st)

  • FREE installation and guidance (save £295)
  • 1 x FREE 2.5lt citrus based mocktail mix
  • Save 25% on your first order
  • 70% - 85% GP – easily achievable
  • Fully refundable deposit (£250) – Iron Clad Guarantee (it’s all in our friendly agreement)


  1. Choose either your single or double bowl machine
  2. Fill in our simple application form
  3. Pay your fully refundable £250 deposit and place your cocktail and or mocktail order and take advantage of 25% savings and get a free 2.5ltr mocktail base!

ordering offline: Call our order hotline today
0800 123 4567

More Customer Stories

I’ve been using my Halo’s frozen cocktail machine for more than 12 years. It looks stunning on the back of my bar, my customers adore the cocktails and buy them any night of the week. I couldn’t be happier with it

I have a double bowl machine and sell cocktails and mocktails with mine. My non-alcohol drinking customers love the Wkd mocktail

The visual impact of the machine on the bar is fantastic. It’s like catnip to customers’ eyes. I’ve had nothing but compliments for my cocktails for the past 3 years

Halos should be charging a rental for this! The profits are really great, punters love the taste and look of the cocktails and I’ve never had to call them out.

got questions? Faq's

When can I get my free machine installed?

Your machine will be delivered and installed usually within 3 days of paying your refundable deposit

Do I have to train my staff?

Absolutely not! Your Halos machine is easy to use. You simply plug it in, fill it up with your chosen cocktail or mocktail pre-made base and the machine will automatically freeze your drinks!

Is the machine really free?

There is a £250.00 fully refundable deposit and thereafter there is a £20 per month service fee. This covers you 7 days a week, day and evening time. But yes, the machine is free.

How do I order my future cocktail mixes?

You can either order online (via our site), email or call our hotline.

I own multiple venues so can I have a free machine for each one?

Yes, absolutely. Because of the rising popularity of cocktails and mocktails, many of our customers have machines in all of their venues.

Can I put my own drinks in the machine?

Your Halos machine is designed specifically for our beautiful, high quality frozen cocktail and mocktail mixes and cannot be used for any other purpose.

What, if after 6 months I no longer want my machine?

That rarely ever happens. However, if that is the case with you, simply give us 3 days notice and we will take away your machine at no cost. Providing you return the machine in good working order, we will refund your initial £250 deposit in full within 10 working days. No questions asked.

Order Your FREE, Halos Cocktail Machine Today

Here’s What You Get - Hurry! Offer Ends December 31st

  • FREE installation and guidance (save £295)
  • FREE 2.5lt citrus based mocktail mix
  • 25% OFF your first order
  • 70% - 85% GP – easily achievable
  • Fully refundable deposit (£250) – Iron Clad Guarantee (it’s all in our friendly agreement)


Halos Frozen Cocktails have been established almost 25 years. Their customers have sold over 14.3 million drinks using their Halo’s machine and secret cocktail mixes.

Using only the finest ingredients, the Halo’s frozen cocktail machines and bases have been wooing customers in more than 550 licensed premises across the UK, earning them a stellar reputation within the drinks industry.