Here to help

We offer full support on all of our machines and products.

Before reporting a fault have you checked the following most common reported issues

  1. Leaking product from rear of machine – have you checked the bowl seal is fitted correctly, have you greased round the bowl seal and also the bowl. Have you checked the bowl is fitted properly
  2. Leaking product from front of machine – have you checked to see if the plunger is fitted correctly, has the plunger been greased.
  3. Liquid inside the machine not freezing – have you checked if the condenser if free from dust (the vents on sides of machines) – if full of dust remove with soft brush and hoover. Check switches are fully pressed in, remembering that they all need to be on Number 1.

After checking the above or if you have any other issues please contact the office or out of hours number provided (numbers displayed on the machines) to request an engineers call.